Books Currently Under Review

Capps, Donald. The Religious Life: The Insights of William James (Cascade 2016).

Grimstad, Experience and Experimental Writing (Oxford 2013).

Halliwell, Martin. Romantic Science and the Experience of the Self (Routledge 2016 [reprint]).

Henning, Brian G., William T. Myers, and Joseph D. John. Thinking with Whitehead and the American Pragmatists: Experience and Reality (Lexington 2015).

Kaag, John. American Philosophy: A Love Story (New York, Farrar Straus and Giroux 2016).

Koopman et al, eds. Richard Rorty: From Pragmatist Philosophy to Cultural Politics (Bloomsbury 2015).

Lachs, John. Freedom and Limits, ed. Patrick Shade (Fordham 2014).

Marchetti, Sarin. Ethics and Philosophical Critique in William James (Palgrave 2015).

Maddalena, Giovanni. The Philosophy of Gesture (Montreal-Queens 2014).

McKenna, Erin, Pets, People and Pragmatism (Fordham 2014).

Misak, Cheryl. The American Pragmatists (Oxford 2015).

Rydenfelt, H. and Pihlstrom, S., eds. William James on Religion (Palgrave 2013).

Sachs, Marilyn. Marcel Proust in the Light of William James (Lexington 2013).

Tarver, Erin and Shannon Sullivan, ed. Feminist Interpretations of William James (Penn State 2016).


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