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William James Studies is
an interdisciplinary enterprise
published online by the
William James Society. (WJS)


 Volume 9  

The Religion of William James in Mind and Body: Papers Presented at the 33rd Annual Nineteenth Century Studies Association Conference (2012):
Editor's Preface
Robert D. Richardson
Split Mysticism: William James's Democratization of Religion
Paul J. Croce

The Head and the Heart: William James and Evelyn Underhill on Mysticism
Lynn Bridgers

William James and Swami Vivekananda: Religious Experience and Vedanta/Yoga in America
Norris Frederick

Jonathan Edwards & William James on Religion
Richard Hall
Reviewed Submissions

Chasing the Bear: William James on Sensations, Emotions and Instincts
Anna Stoklosa

James's Critiques of the Freudian Unconscious - 25 Years Earlier
Eric Thomas Weber

William James on the Humanities
Richard Hall

More Responses to Talisse and Aikin

A Reconstruction of James's Normative Ethics
Todd Lekan

A Reply to Aikin and Talisse
Mark Uffelman

Book Reviews:

A New Look at New Realism: The Psychology and Philosophy of E. B. Holt. By Eric P. Charles
Bruce Kuklick

Pragmatic Modernism. By Lisi Schoenbach
Stephanie Hawkins

Peirce, James, and a Pragmatic Philosophy of Religion. By John W. Woell
Rose Ann Christian
 Volume 8  

American Philosophical Association Conference Papers:
The Non-Disciplinary William James (Presidential Address)
Paul J. Croce

Another Side of William James: On Radical Approaches to a "Liberal" Philosopher
Loren Goldman

The Comic Mind of William James
Ramon del Castillo

Francesca Bordogna

William James and The Anti-War Campaign: "On The Moral Equivalent Of War" and a "Certain Blindness in Human Beings"
Kipton E. Jensen


Volume 7
Johann Gottfried Herder and William James: Aspects of Anticipatory Thinking
Ernest Menze

Making a Life Significant: William James on Higher Education and Civic Responsibility
Pamela C. Crosby
Book Reviews:

William James on Ethics and Faith. By Michael R. Slater
Richard M. Gale

Imagining Minds: The Neuro-Aesthetics Of Austen, Eliot, and Hardy. By Kay Young
Phyllis A. Roth


Volume 6
James's Ethics: A Debate
Editor's Preface
D. Micah Hester
Three Challenges to Jamesian Ethics
Scott F. Aikin and Robert B. Talisse
Comment on Talisse and Aikin
Harvey Cormier
Comments on "Three Challenges to Jamesian Ethics"
Richard M. Gale
Response to Talisse and Aikin,"Three Challenges to Jamesian Ethics"
Ruth Anna Putnam
Replies to Our Critics
Scott F. Aikin and Robert B. Talisse
Book Reviews:  
End-of-Life Care and Pragmatic Decision Making: A Bioethical Perspective. By D. Micah Hester
Todd Lekan  

Volume 5
Submitted Essays:
William James and the National Academy of Sciences
Michael M. Sokal
Jamesian Free Will, The Two-Stage Model of William James
Bob Doyle  
Book Reviews:  
Ethics of Energy: William James's Moral Philosophy in Focus. By Sergio Franzese
Francesca Bordogna
The Heart of William James. Ed. Robert Richardson
Linda Simon
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