Vol 13 (1)

William James Studies
Spring 2017 • Volume 13 • Number 1

Special Issue: New Directions in William James
and Literary Studies
Guest Editors: Todd Barosky and Justin Rogers-Cooper


Front Matter (PDF)

Introduction to WJS Special Issue: New Directions                                       i
in William James and Literary Studies (PDF)
Todd Barosky and Justin Rogers-Cooper

“Authentic Tidings”: What Wordsworth Gave to                                          1
William James (PDF)
David Leary

“The Sentiment of Rationality”: William James and                                  27
the Sentimental Tradition (PDF)
Sean Epstein-Corbin

Character and Persuasion in William James (PDF)                                    49
James Jiang

“A Feeling of If ”: The Experience of Grammar in James,                         71
Stein, and Whitehead (PDF)
Maude Emerson

Adventures at the Fringe of Thought: William James,                             92 Modernism,  and Disability Studies (PDF)
Jill Marsden


American Philosophy: A Love Story by John Kaag (PDF)                          117
Notes by Robert D. Richardson

Freedom and Limits by John Lachs (PDF)                                                        120
Notes by Mary K. Ryan

Romantic Science and the Experience of Self: Transatlantic                      123 Crosscurrents from William James to Oliver Sacks by Martin
Halliwell (PDF)
Notes by Elizabeth Lowry

The Religious Life: The Insights of William James by Donald                   126
Capps (PDF)
Notes by M. Laurel-Leigh Meierdiercks and John R. Snarey

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