WJS Volume 3

This issue is dedicated to the memory of Peter H. Hare (1935-2008), past President of the William James Society (2006).

American Philosophical Association Conference Papers:

Human Blindness (2007 Presidential Address)
John Lachs

Blindness, Vision and the Good Life for All: Comment on John Lachs’ “Human Blindness”
David E. Leary

The ‘Riven’ Self as remedy to “a Certain Blindness”
Frederick J. Ruf

Submitted Essays

Flowers in the Desert: F. C. S. Schiller’s [Unpublished] Pragmatism Lecture
Mark J. Porrovecchio

The Concept of Truth that Matters
Laura E. Weed

Investigations into the William James Collection at Harvard: An interview with Eugene Taylor
Thibaud Trochu

“The Many and the One” and the Problem of Two Minds Perceiving the Same Thing
Mark Moller

Review Essay

Pragmatism in the 21st Century
Wesley Cooper

Book Reviews

The Drama of Possibility: Experience as Philosophy of Culture. By John J. McDermott
Erin McKenna

The Dynamic Individualism of William James. By James Pawelski
Doug Anderson

Brazil through the Eyes of William James: Diaries, Letters, and Drawings, 1865-1866. Edited by Maria Helena P.T. Machado
Douglas McDermid

The Soul of Classical American Philosophy: The Ethical and Spiritual Insights of William James, Josiah Royce, and Charles Sanders Peirce. By Richard P. Mullin
Mathew A. Foust

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